RE: virus: Limiting

Gifford, Nate F (
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 13:14:45 -0500

Marie Foster wrote

>Wade T.Smith wrote:
>> >Again... define your
>> >requirement of proof.
>> Start by listing some.

>Do you mean by this that you have not defined your own standard of
>evidence or proof? Do you need a cup of *god* that you can examine
>under a microscope?

What would a cup of *god* weigh? That would be a start.

>I remain mystified by the requirement that is made that there must
be evidence >to support belief.

I remain mystified that you can believe without evidence ...

>I do not have any problem with needing evidence. But I have yet to
>any atheist on this list tell me what they would accept as

One of those biblical miracle grandes would work for me ... The
earth stopping its rotation, A flood with more water than exists on earth,
The parting of the red sea like in Cecille B. De Mille ... not just low
tide. New Testament miracles would work if they were done on request. How
about a loaves & fishes once a year.

>Are you asking me for my evidence? How would that help you

Now that's a good point ... But if you had evidence why won't you
present it?

No longer angry... just puzzled.

Your 65 and 14 puzzle is puzzling me. Are the units time?