Re: virus: Limiting

Marie Foster (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 10:55:18 -0800

Sodom wrote:
> Marie Foster wrote:
> > It is easy for me to remember that there is really only one thing
> > everywhere. Then mankind gets busy dividing it up. I allow really
> > only
> > one division before I shout stop. Let us then divide the known from
> > the
> > unknown and call it even. I am no different from you in that regard.
> > I
> > am always pushing my nose into the unknown with the hope that I will
> > see
> > better and add more in my *known* column.
> >
> Marie, This sentiment is really common in your writings. I propose that
> you look at this concept a little differently. I think we can all agree
> that there is only one "set" and it is called Universe. Dividing
> Universe up into parts is necessary for human understanding of the
> details of Universe (So far anyways) but aside from the connection of
> sharing spacetime and the connections and pulls of the particles, all
> other effects of the connection are speculation at this point. Since I
> cannot tell the future I use experience in my next statement: I would
> guess that we will find a great deal more local effects of this
> interconnectedness. It seems that on an emotional level, you are opposed
> to the division of the Universe, but I think in this emotional decision
> you forget that this division is only for studying purposes, not any
> "real" division. Remembering that the division is imagined and useful
> for study, eliminates the need for distaste over the division, for it is
> not real.
> Sodom

Very good. Yes I agree. However, I can tell you that this
understanding that you and I have that the divisions are just our own
application of human thought is not common. The division of thought
from emotion is just one of these examples. I think that you and I
agree that both are caused by electro chemical reactions that occur in
the brain. Both are useful to survival of our self. But think of the
affect on society of the belief that springs from this division between
body and mind. Anyone who has had a mental illness has certainly not
benefited from this idea. That is only one of thousands of examples.

Anyway, I have found another newsgroup where memetics are being
discussed in a more rigorous manner. I expect I will be fading out
here. These are old battles for me. And there comes a time in ones
life when you realize that you have fewer days left than the ones you
have behind. The irony is that the older I get the happier I am with
myself and the world and the less I want to leave... As time becomes
more precious to me I prefer to spend each minute doing only things that
either benefit me or help others.

Things to do... things to do