Re: virus: Limiting

Brett Lane Robertson (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 01:02:40 -0500

all well and good, but you are going to waste a lot of time and
effort if you insist on calling this Unity-Of-Everything "God."
as soon as you refer to "God," whether you are referring to any sort
of omnipotent deity or not (or even if your *dog* is named God) you are
going to call up the anti-god immune responses of every atheist within a
square mile. (SwiftRain)


First, "God" IS a meme. Which is to say that it is not a virus and
therefore does not "call up" an immune response. The two viral meme forms
which might evolve from the reversed polarization of the God meme (that is,
attributing the persuit of self-gratification as an end rather than a
means*) are overgeneralization (>cancer<) and over-specialization (>virus<).

The God/anti-god virus which involves emotional "hooks" that attach to a
host so it can infect the host does so to weaken the host in order that
<god>, or <self>, might reorganize the host's Meta-meme complex. Memes are
naturally occuring self-ordered systems which provide stability in times of
viral attack...that is, <god> is the immune response to the anti-god virus
(>satanism<) and the anti-god cancer (>paganism<).

Satanism is an imbalance of the hunt/preserve meme complex whereby hunting
becomes a form of self-nurturance and preserving becomes a defensive
self-protection. In this case, safety is disregarded for an addictive
"hooks" of the sadistic/masochistic cycle whereby "winning" becomes the
(regressive) goal. It calls forth the <god> meme as a means of "winning".
The <god> meme then reorganizes the viral components into a self-stable complex.

Paganism is an imblance of the matter/energy meme complex. Entropy becomes
predominent such that specialization gives way to chance recombination and
positive and negative polarities cancel themselves out to produce the
emotional hooks of ambivalence, apathy, and mediocracy. The <god> meme is
called up as an immune response in the form of inspiration or motivation to

So, (secondly)...I do not know why SwiftRain is infected with >paganism< or
>satanism<, but the fact that he is afraid of calling up the <god> immmune
response shows that he is not healthy; for, perceived threats against one's
person which come from an benevolent source, <god>, show that the source is
not the logical source of the fear and imply that the viral form IS.


*through the reversal of the role of ego and id with the feminine id
forcefully seeking energy or the male ego passively waiting for others to
give him power


I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and
German to my horse.

Charles V