Re: virus: God

Marie Foster (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 14:11:46 -0800

Eric Boyd wrote:

> What else could 65 AND 14 mean? Sorry -- I enjoy riddles, but this is just
> too little information!
> ERiC

I appreciate your response. It helps me understand your issues better.
I think it is one of perception. I see miracles everywhere. The most
basic is my heart beat and my respiration. Thus the 65 and 14. (I am
in pretty good shape in that department for 51...)

So we do agree that a baby is a miracle of sorts. Perhaps this is the
disapointment of the *true* atheist. Their expectation is too high. I
recently suggested to Bill (Sodom) that he might find the "Grand
Inquisitor" an interesting read. He did read it and told me he found it
most interesting.

One of the major questions it raises is how would mankind be affected if
there was no possibility of doubt about the existance of god. If you
did have that cup of god to put under a microscope and in your study you
did find out that the stuff you had was proof positive... How would
this knowledge change us as a species?

Interesting question I think...