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Marie L. Foster (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 21:31:39 -0800

We must add time to the equation. Some things that exist in the 'popular
idea of the supernatural' may have some relevance in the future. I
understand that we just made matter from pure energy. Replicators in our
distand future? One of the things (pardon me if I am not always
precise....) we seem to have trouble with is accepting that we are more
alike than we are different. Perhaps this is a function of age (time). If
some will not accept their elitist stance, that is ok too. Our paths are
many but we all share the same destination if nothing else.


At 02:37 AM 12/24/97 -0800, you wrote:
>David McFadzean wrote:
>> I think the assertion (tentative of course :-) "the supernatural
>> exists only in minds, myths and memes" is reasonably definitive
>> of the CoV and sets us apart from most religions. I would also
>> hasten to add that this in no way implies that the supernatural
>> is irrelevant or has no effect on the world. Agree or disagree?
>Agree. (And although I might want to remove the "only", I think it should
>stay. For "line in the sand" purposes, if nothing else.)
>But you might realize that most people will not assume that "God" falls
>into the "supernatural" category. (Some might even argue that God is
>herself a natural phenomena.) The average reader (present company
>excluded, of course) reads "supernatural" as a specific set of beliefs
>(ESP, Astrology, voodoo, etc.) rather than simply as "beyond the natural
>world" or "outside of the natural sciences". You may need to expand the
>term in order to make the meaning more explicit.
>"The supernatural, be it spirits, souls or Gods, find their existence
>solely in myths, memes and the mind."
>-Prof. Tim

Marie L. Foster