Re: virus: IAM what IAM and dats all what IAM

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 00:22:41 -0800

Wade T. Smith wrote:

> >It is an interesting thought experiment to imagine what a world that
> >employed such a "language" would be like. Every time your gaze fell on
> >anothers face you would "hear" them. When your eyes happened to meet
> >anothers you could not help but engage them in conversation,
> Why is this a thought experiment? Is this not the way it is?

(Always gotta be jumpin' from page one to page four, don'tcha, Wade?)

No, it is not *yet* the way it is. But the wheels are in motion And soon,
very soon, possibly even before the end of this sentence, that will be the
way it always has been and it will be nearly impossible to conceive of it
in any other way. We find it hard, now, not listen when a strangers eyes
speak to us, knowing that they are extensions of our greater selves.

-Prof. Tim