Re: virus: Just one question

Sodom (
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 09:30:03 -0500

Boyd C Eric wrote:

> Anyway, my reason for this question comes from my
> second operating axiom: To travel is better than
> to arrive. I have no desire to be given a point
> blank answer without a struggle -- I enjoy the
> *process* of learning, not the knowledge itself!
> ERiC

Also, sorry for the long delay, business travel has overwhelmed me
again. About asking questions of God. Just because the
Jewish/Christian/Muslim God can be beyond fathom, it does not mean it is
always above fathom. I liked the concept of: Speaking into my mind and
telling me everything that will happen in the next 24 hours. If this
happened, I would begin a fresh look at the concept.

And i do like what you said about the process being more important than
the result - unless the process is a heart attack and the result death,
or the concept is flawed and the result is a waste of life time.
Religion is a flawed concept to follow and I therfor study it from the
viewpoint of history and sociology, not reality.

Bill Roh