Re: Fw: virus: IAM what IAM and dats all what IAM

Wade T.Smith (
Sun, 28 Dec 97 15:00:23 -0500

>Now you shame me. I employed one the long unseen Brodies's most favoritist
>subliminal influence crap techniques myself in the first few messages of
>this thread.

What!? Where was that phallus?! (I'm used to pricks around here....)

>And you, of all people, Wade, were seen to strangely find agreement with
>those same points.

No, hold on.... Brodie was talking about images- there _are_ no
'subliminal' influences (of his type) in language- well, possibly
acrostics- there is poetry- and while I probably fail miserably, I
attempt it, all the time. After all, what is an implied reference? And
weren't you aiming right at me?

>But more to the point, as you ask, "Where do we start?" Well, you yourself
>(in one of your lighter, more Mary Poppins moods) offered the following:

What, you sayin' I'm moody? You talkin' to me?

>But if we were to create some "attractive ritual thingee" and package it
>correctly, you and I both know that the newsmagazine shows (schlock and
>otherwise) would eat it up.

Perhaps.... (Is this what we want to do?) Were you ever persuaded to move
in some direction because of a news piece? (If so, OK, if not OK, I don't
know. I never was.)

>(Com'mon, Wade, you talk like an elitist (in the non-pejorative use), let's
>see if you really have the moxy to take the huddled masses by the arm and
>steer them to the promised land!)

It's 'Moxie' BTW, and I have some in my refrigerator even as I type. But
you touch one of the sources of my present misanthropy- I'd rather take
'em to the cliff....

Indeed, I hope I am an elitist in the egalitarian sense. But I also
mentioned mundane things like salt shakers and chess sets- I am much more
prone to think a designed item packs more memetic wallop than a three
minute stinger on Hard Copy. I suppose I am going towards a William
Morris or a Shaker kind of approach here- the very real appeal of a thing
that _works well_ and is delicately simple, is a powerful thing with me.
I appreciate it in phraseworks and philosophies as well- applying Occam
(and a sense of design aesthetic) to this church yields me with exercises
in iconography. I am much more startled by the CoV biohazard icon than by
any of Brett's graphical machinations, or the size of Brodie's book, for

>I assume you are aware of how much of the news is simply a rewritten press
release with
>a phone quote added?

Yes, indeed. One of the reasons I posted to this and other lists the
account of the family law case was because it was also, apart from being
a chilling story of incompetence, a well-crafted job of reporting.

>> I just don't see a hell of a lot of hope anymore.
>Try Jesus.
>-Prof. Tim (running for cover)

Well, I have (raising one end of Tim's tarp), and I could go there again,
but I don't like stale bread.

Well, I do not want there to be a PR man for this place. (Incidently,
where are we?) I want people to approach it without seeing it.

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