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David McFadzean (
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 14:25:28 -0700

At 10:58 PM 12/27/97 -0800, Tim Rhodes wrote:

>Why not try to compose the script for a CoV commercial (or more insidious,
>an *infomercial*) here on the list? It would make for interesting
>discussions on the role of influence and belief (both the submission to and
>suspension of). And if *we* can't create an infectious idea here, in this
>forum, we should hand in our papers and disband the church right now. How
>can we rule the world if we can't even compose an advertisement? :-)

I like this idea. Does anyone know much about Macromedia Flash? What
I'm envisioning is a web-based infomercial, perhaps a leader into the
main site. The layout would look something like this (assuming you're
reading this in a fixed-width font):

| a | |
| | |
+----+ |
| | c |
| | |
| b | |
| | |

This could be centered on the page with a clever use of borderless frames.
(a) and (b) are both animated GIFs displaying a rapid succession of symbols
(for Wade :-) biohazard, crucifix, star of David, Nike swoop, the Ideohazard(tm),
no smoking sign, etc., etc., and images from pop culture: Scooby-doo, Hitler,
Warhol's Marilyn, Tiannemen square, etc., etc.

(c) is a Flash movie displaying just text like the titles of a movie (I'm
thinking high contrast, jittery transition text in hipster dirtied-up font
like the titles from "7" and "The Jackal".)

Now then, the hard part: what to say?

First pass (just brainstorming), each successive line will fade in as
the previous fades out...

we know what you want
a meaningful life
all are possible to attain
they are connected

meaning is effect
a meaningful life is an effective life
the name of the game is

ideas spread like viruses
you are what you read
you are your ideas
choosing your experiences creates you

[someone else take over]

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