Re: virus: infomercial

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 29 Dec 97 21:44:57 -0500

>we know what you want
>a meaningful life
>all are possible to attain
>they are connected
>meaning is effect
>a meaningful life is an effective life
>the name of the game is
>ideas spread like viruses
>you are what you read
>you are your ideas
>choosing your experiences creates you
>[someone else take over]

Time and matter are mind
Mind matters
Your mind is made by you
Your mind is only my mind when you want it to be
I want it to be

Fuck religion
Sign the petition
This pen is filled with cerebral fluid
It is invisible ink
Made visible by reason
Reason is always one candlepower brighter than belief

Fuck belief
Use Brodie's invisible phallus

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