virus: Spam should be canned

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 30 Dec 97 18:33:02 -0500

> I still haven't found out if C.O.V. is the vector for The Webs Most
>Well Kept Secret ... does anyone have any idea how one's name winds up on
>the spam lists? This is the first spam I've received since I quit posting
>to news groups a couple of years ago.

I suppose if one actually knew, well, who knows? The CoV mailing list may
be accessible by these bots, maybe not. At any rate, your email address
is, by just about any sort of search and find bot.

Your ISP may or may not be attempting a first-strike/pre-emptive blockade
of spamming sites- mine is- but even then, the engines of furtive
commerce have always toiled ceaselessly.

It's something I have come to learn to live with, and ignore, like Hanson.

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