Re: virus: FW: The Webs Most Well Kept Secret

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 01:17:21 -0800

>From Eva-Lise Carlstrom, Tuesday, December 30, 1997

> On Tue, 30 Dec 1997, Gifford, Nate F wrote:
> > If we wanted to go hardcore about proselytizing for COV we could start
> > trolling likely news groups/mailing lists as
> > well as setting up various quick and dirty sites to glom onto searches
> > the Yahoo etc. For instance I would think
> > conspiracy buffs would be fertile ground for sowing the COV message.
> >
> > Mr. McFadzean's advertising idea was a good idea from a
> > p.o.v., but for really great lab work I'd like to suggest that we run a
> > sales contest ...

> I prefer not to have Virus Brand Propaganda associated in people's minds
> with a tinned pork product.

Purhaps not. But I have been toying with the idea of late, of gathering a
few friends and going on raiding parties to other lists. Although not in
the name of CoV as such.

The formula would be simple:

Four or five people all join the same list chosen, by mutual argeement
between the raiders. (My vote would be to start with a fundlmentalist
Christain list, but I'm funny that way.) All but one or two lurk for a
while. The new, visible members of the list engage in an agruement on one
of the common topics on the list. One-by-one the lurkers come out of the
shadows in favor of the list's statis quo. (Purhaps at this point the well
bloodied decoy could unsubscribe.) Then, slowly, inch-by-inch the others
stear the course of the list from its former trajectory into another,
chosen in back rooms by the raiders themselves. Once that task is
accomplished only one or two would then need to contiue to follow the
project, and only for long enough to make sure that good crop of new
members are infected with the raiders re-tooled versions of the groups

Would it be moral? Probably not. But don't ask me--I'm certainly no

-Prof. Tim