Re: Fw: virus: IAM what IAM and dats all what IAM

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 02:38:17 -0800

>From Wade T.Smith, December 28, 1997:

> Were you ever persuaded to move
> in some direction because of a news piece? (If so, OK, if not OK, I don't

> know. I never was.)

Persuasion is not the goal of first contact; brand recognition is. Get
them to know your name first and formost. That is the foot in the door.

And remember: serendipity helps those who help themselves.

> I suppose I am going towards a William
> Morris or a Shaker kind of approach here- the very real appeal of a thing

> that _works well_ and is delicately simple, is a powerful thing with me.
> I appreciate it in phraseworks and philosophies as well- applying Occam
> (and a sense of design aesthetic) to this church yields me with exercises

> in iconography. I am much more startled by the CoV biohazard icon than by

> any of Brett's graphical machinations, or the size of Brodie's book, for
> instance.

I'm a big fan of the Ideohazard(tm) as well, but let's face it--you can't
sell Dilbert salt shakers until you have a Dilbert. The icon moves the
product in this culture, not the other way round.

If you know cases that disprove this, then please, /bring on your

> Well, I do not want there to be a PR man for this place. (Incidently,
> where are we?) I want people to approach it without seeing it.

As objective a fellow as you must see, that in order for someone to stumble
upon something, there must be something in their path for them to stumble

-Prof. Tim