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Timothy Leary Books

Books by Timothy Leary

The Great Thinkers website, in association with, the largest bookseller on the Web, now offers a collection of books by Timothy Leary. You can find more information about these books and purchase them online by following the links below. The prices listed here may not be accurate; please refer to the detailed listing for current prices. Most of the books are offered at 10% or greater discount from their list price.

All American Hippie Comix; Burns Charles (Illustrator), Timothy Leary; Paperback; $14.95

Chaos & Cyber Culture; Timothy Leary; Paperback; $17.96

Giger's Alien; H.R. Giger, Timothy Leary; Hardcover; $35.96

Intelligence Agents; Timothy Leary, Timothy Leary Ph. D.; Paperback; $13.45

The Lost Beatles Interviews; Geoffrey Giuliano, et al; Paperback; $12.55;

The Psychedelic Experience : A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead (Citadel Underground); Timothy Leary, et al; Paperback; $8.95;

Surfing the Conscious Nets : A Graphic Novel; Timothy Leary, Robert Williams (Illustrator); Paperback; $15.26

Design for Dying; Timothy Leary, David Prince; Hardcover; $21.60 (Not Yet Published -- On Order);

Flashbacks: A Personal and Cultural History of an Era: An Autobiography; Timothy Leary; Paperback; $14.35

Psychedelic Prayers : And Other Meditations; Timothy Leary; Paperback; $11.65

The Psychedelic Reader : Selected from the Psychedelic Review; Gunther M. Weil, et al; Paperback; $12.95

Virtual Reality; Timothy Leary; VHS Tape; $29.99

What Does Woman Want; Timothy Leary; Paperback; $10.80

What Does Woman Want?; Tomothy Leary, Timothy Leary; Paperback

Changing My Mind Among Others; Timothy Leary; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Flashbacks : An Autobiography; Timothy Leary; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality : A Functional Theory and Methodology for Personality Evaluation; Timothy Leary; Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

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