Re: virus: Metasystem Transition

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 22:57:07 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Dan Plante wrote:

> Scenario:
> The year is 2050. The pace of scientific and technological progression
> has accelerated unabated....

You present a wonderful piece of science fiction. And just that.

The critical element in human culture is not knowledge, but
ignorance. Our "free will" (to reply to "C of V: Another Religion" as
well) lies in the information we chose to share with those that lack it.
We have built wonderful, beautiful, intricate structures in our societies
as well as in our own psyches to regulate the flow of information.
Language being one of them. As are behavior and science. Art another,
more restrictive and subtle form. The fact that you may posses knowledge
that I do not, or vice versa, is what compels me to listen to you and you
to me. I don't want (or even need) all of your knowledge. To me the
intrigue is in watching your internal editing process at work. This is
what tells me how "you" think. It's not your words or your ideas as much
as the choices you make in parceling them out, that allows me to see you
as a unique and valuable entity.
The appeal of such implants would end as soon as someone with
views such as mine joined the "Meta-Mind".

> Smartasses welcome. Dumbasses must leave the list. Make it so...
> Dan

And Star Trek junkies should spend more time getting their Sci-Fi
stories published, instead of filling up our mailboxes. :-)

- Prof. Tim