Re: virus: C of V: Another Religion

Dave Pape (
Sun, 2 Feb 1997 21:49:37 GMT

At 13:49 31/01/97 -0800, Lior wrote:
>David Rosdeitcher wrote:
>It seems to me that the Church of Virus is promoting a mystical notion
>denying free will and claiming that the 'meme' is a higher power that
>individuals and societies.[CLIP]
>I fully agree with your argument, only it's misplaced. CoV as an
>'institute' if you want has no 'policy' towards free will. Try checking
>in the archive for Dave Pape's earliest posts, I believe it was around
>the middle of December. He claimed there's no such thing as free will as
>we're fully controlled by memes, and we all objected it.

Not all of you, Lior. Some fairly recent posts have involved people talking
about de facto freewill, where the unpredictability of the universe gives an
ILLUSION of choice, when this isn't necessarily so.

And anyway, even if you all DID diagree, my memes are still there in the
pool, with me bolstering them up at all opportunities.

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