virus: C of V: Another Religion

Lior Golgher (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 13:49:49 -0800

David Rosdeitcher wrote:
It seems to me that the Church of Virus is promoting a mystical notion
denying free will and claiming that the 'meme' is a higher power that
individuals and societies. While the 'meme' is a useful concept to
and influence the spread of ideas within oneself and throughout
society, the
Church of Virus is using 'memes' to create a new religion in which one
higher authority is replaced with another. I am suggesting that there
something in the brain that is not understood yet which can accout for
will. What do you think?
I fully agree with your argument, only it's misplaced. CoV as an
'institute' if you want has no 'policy' towards free will. Try checking
in the archive for Dave Pape's earliest posts, I believe it was around
the middle of December. He claimed there's no such thing as free will as
we're fully controlled by memes, and we all objected it.
How ever, there's no need to see free-will as an entity of its own for
which there's somekind of a mysterious 'free-will-center' in the brain.
You can't prove nor deny free will anyway, and memetics doesn't ask you
to do any of those.
Does it?