virus: Then the fish'll go grrrrr...

Lior Golgher (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 22:41:36 -0800

Just thought of a metaphor:
Imagine two aquarium - a religious one and a scientific one. Within each
there's a fish. If you try to put the aquariums side by side, then the
fish'll go grrrr one at the other, fluttering tails and attacking the
glass. Merging the aquariums is naturally inconsiderable.
Science and religion are two different sets, two different biospheres.
And they don't necessarily have to fight over one's memesphere.

So what if all the threads about this are long gone? My brain works on
deficiency of sleep, not on mare messages... And besides, all new
virions must have fresh ammo for this.

Alright, I've laid it up, good night now.