Re: virus: Rationality
Wed, 26 Feb 97 16:44:42 GMT

> From: Alexander Williams <>
> There is a difference between transmission and reinterpretation.

But surely for something to be reinterpreted, it must first be transmitted,#
so as a quantifiably evaluation can ocurr.

> But
> since you get it ... :)

Only on Thursdays.....

> > A point I made somewhere else, though, was: Is rationality itself a
> > meme, or is the idea that there is such a thing as rationality a meme?
> > Is it one or the other or both?
> A more important question may be `does it matter?'

I think it does, becuase it makes the distinction between whether
the concept of rationality is a meme, which doesn't make a
difference, or whether we really are controlled by memes. Doesn't
that eliminate free-will?