RE: virus: a tangent

Jim Gadbois (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 14:06:03 -0600

Prof. tim wrote...
>>"...Undisturbed and static? Is that /good/!?! A fluid, chaotic, and
>>system can support a greater degree of complexity than a static system.
>>-Prof. Tim"

>I must confess I disagree with Prof. Tim on the idea that "A fluid, chaotic,
>and unstable
>system " can support more complexity than an undisturbed and static one.

I base this gripe on the premise that for two (or more) memes to "be
unstable" they may need to be in conflict, maybe even contradictory.
I.E. "I'm a white liberal, and I am not a racist" AND "I don't want my
sister to date Apollo Creed, because.....(error)"

this kind of instability would cause hesitation or malfunction in a
crisis situation. It would seem to severly limit the complexity of a
situation; and badly too.

a "static" mindset reminds me of Zen.

however, of the chaotic mindset, while a great tool for making non-
local connections and viewing the world in mythic terms, it dosen't
measure up to a game of good old linear Chess.

I should know, I see dragons and wee folk, but I can't play chess; not
for lack of trying (does that follow?)...