Re: virus: From the shadows

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 15:55:49 +0000

In message <>, Dave Pape
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> I reckon we should write a book, based on serious research,
>on the massively complex and finegrained differences between fucking cheap
>brands of wine/brandy etc.
>"Booker's cooking sherry opens with a bouqet akin to... Marks and Spencers-
>no, Burton's underpants,
Underpants that have been worn for a week, possibly 10 days,
and unless i am very much mistaken the wearer was Claudia Schiffa.
(sorry that would make it very expensive stuff wouldnt it)

>Cos I'm sure there's just as many sensory and semantic distinctions to be
>drawn between the cheap stuff, if people'd spend the time learning to taste
>them. Just like you could (if you wanted) write tomato-ketchup appreciation
I agree yet again. Boy we really are in the same part of this
semantic hypervolume. The reason people dont take time to document the
distinctions with the cheap stuff is that there is no money in it (then
again as a parody perhaps there is).

Tony Hindle.
I saw David copperfield's so called magic show. He did the sawing woman
in half trick, I thought "I could do that its not magic"
Then the floating without strings..."done it, not magic" (acid actually)
...then I discovered he's been shagging Claudia Shiffa
I thought "How the fuck did he manage that, now that is magic"