virus: Heaven's Gate Kooks

Tim Rhodes (
Mon, 26 May 1997 22:29:48 -0700 (PDT)

David wrote:

> John Williams wrote:
> >> church-goers called Heaven's Gate kooks, I wonder? My pastor did, from the
> >> altar, right after a plea for shutting down children's Sunday Soccer
> >> because it desicrated Sunday. I think Rev. McCready is a Baptist in
> >> Methodist's clothing....)
> >
> >Funny thing about those Heaven's Gate kooks, at least their beliefs
> >(in a space ship following the comet) were physically possible as opposed to
> >most mainstream religions...

The oddest part of the Heaven's Gate phenomena to me was how quickly
EVERYONE jumped to declare them loonies. What kind of strange cultural
defense mechanism was that? I saw Christian minister the day after
talking about how crazy it was for people to believe in something or
someone enough to die for it. (Without catching the irony at all!)

Why is it so easy to dismiss them, I wonder. If you could apply the kind
of conviction they possessed to any aspect of your life, would you?

-Prof. Tim