virus: Authority of Church of Virus

John \ (
Wed, 28 May 1997 08:20:09 -0400

I've conceded several points here, both because of well-expressed arguments
and further reading I've done here.

I'd like to pose the following questions, though, just to clear up some
spots in my head before I go off to read a couple of books on memetics...

1) The Entymological problem. It has been said here by some that
rationalism is the only way to go; but it is not "faith" to believe so. My
question is, what is rationalism, and how do we arrive at the decision that
rationalism is the only way to go, without presupposing rational thought?
(IE: I can use religious doctrine to determine that I should be religious.
Do we use rational thought to determine that we should use rational thought?)

2) The Authority problem. Having been (discouragingly) attacked for *not*
being a Christian, on the grounds that I don't adhere you ya'll's strict
definition of Christian, on what basis does the Church of Virus claim that
it is
a) a Church?
b) a memetically-based religion?


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