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David McFadzean (
Wed, 28 May 1997 18:09:37 -0600

At 07:34 PM 28/05/97 -0400, John \"Brand New -- You're Retro\" Williams wrote:
>>Are you talking about the Lucifer of the Bible (the angel) or the
>>Lucifer of John Milton's "Paradise Lost" (the devil)? They are not
>>the same, despite popular misconception.
>Holy Geez. Um, what do you mean by "not the same?" I agree that their
>characterization is radically different, but they are supposed to be the
>same person -- unless you are referring to a Lucifer in the Bible that I've
>How are they different?

The biblical Lucifer is never connected to Satan. The English literary
Lucifer (Milton's) is connected to Satan. One is an angel (admittedly
a "fallen" angel) and the other is the devil.

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