Re: virus: Dilbert and TV

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 30 May 1997 11:28:23 -0500

Chitren Nursinghdass wrote:

> >It's been years since I watched any significant amount of television.
> >Too boring. And besides, I have /much/ better things to do with my
> >time. Or result of this is that I am profoundly ignorant of all of
> >modern culture. Music, sports, movies, etc. I know very little.
> >Them's the breaks, eh?
> Wait, wait, maybe it's all in succeeding in filtering the interesting
> (subjectively) channels, programmes etc...
> If you watch some stuff on a subject which bores you you'll be bored
> for sure, innit ?

Yea well that's just the trouble... I'm bored by all of the things I'm
ignorant in. Makes me a lousy Trivia Pursuit player... can't ever
answer things from "History", "Entertainment", "Geography", "Sports",
and can only sometimes answer things from "Arts and literature"... I do
get quite a few of the "Science" questions, though. Never the less, I
can't play the game.

Not too often do you see programs on television about philosophy or
religion (ie analysis of, not "church" shows) And quite frankly I can't
get into soap operas. I like reading peoples journal online, but it's
not the same on television... to hyped up and unreal, I think.