Re: virus: necessary reason

Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 07 Nov 1997 15:22:59 -0500

>I am attempting to find a way to _eliminate_ the report of an experience
>by the experiencer, _because_ all this encoding is taking place. We need
>a (biological, neurological, experimental) cryptology of dreams to find
>the meme in my quickly sewn tapestry of an inkling of an approach. Saying
>good riddance to the dreamer's own report seems a start.
>It is precisely because of the last sentences in the quote above that
>such an approach is necessary. Otherwise we are happily thumb-twiddling.

Wade T. Smith


If Wade eliminates the sum of a dreams images and the symbol with which this
is encoded he will get rid of ALL the "meaning" of a dream (in the dream
example, the symbol is the word "monster"--in a sense--the dream images only
*appeared* to be a the meaning of the dream is whatever sum we
give the word "monster" since the meaning isn't that we saw an actual
monster which the dream reported; rather, the dream reported all of the
mental images which we attribute to the word monster arranged in such a way
that we experienced these images *as* a monster). Get rid of the symbol
for monster and what do the images add up to? They do not add to any
meaning. In effect, Wade is saying he wants disjointed images without a
coherent "thing" to attribute them to. Or, Wade is saying he wants
subjective experience without any theory to explain them...correlation
without appeal to cause or effect.



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